Heat Pure 1500

The Heat Pure 1500 is a 4-SEASON infrared heater and UV/PCO air purifier combo. The UV filter eliminates bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, fungi and volatile airborne compounds, while the PCO filter destroys pet dander, pollen, chemicals, smoke, or foul smelling odors in the air. If you suffer from allergies or have pets, you can greatly improve your air quality while heating your home, PLUS you can use this heater as a stand alone air purifier in the spring and summer months. This gives you two great appliances for the price of one! If you were remotely considering purchasing an infrared heater, now is the time to get the latest technology for the absolute best price. Advanced Tech Infrared heaters are designed, engineered and priced to offer more than the competition.

  • HEATS 1,000 SQUARE FEET rated at 5,120 BTU's.
  • 4 - SEASON OPERATION as an infrared heater and air purifier. Our best air purifier, this unit incudes an Electrostatic Pre-Filter, a UV Light for germicidal disinfection and a Photocatalyst (PCO) and Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) filter for germicidal and hydrocarbon breakdown. The air purifier can operate with or without heat and can be turned off if desired.
  • AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEM utilizing built-in UV technology and a PCO and
    TiO2 filter promotes healthier air by destroying 99% of airborne germs including bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, VOC's (volatile airborne compounds), PLUS pet dander, pollen, chemicals, smoke, or foul smelling odors in the air.
  • 80,000 HOUR PTC HEATING ELEMENT ensures a lifetime of operation with no expensive quartz bulbs to ever replace.
  • 3 POWER SETTINGS (High 1500 watts/ Low 1000 watts/ Eco 500 watts) allow for increased energy savings and optimal heater performance in any size room.
  • ADVANCED DIGITAL TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY allows you to set the target temperature in 1 degree Fahrenheit increments between 59 and 86 degrees.
  • AUTOMATIC POWER RESUME ensures that your heater will automatically resume operation at its last settings should there be any interruption in your power source.
  • WHISPER QUIET FAN OPERATION rated at 47 decibels.
  • AUTOMATIC ON and OFF TIMERS allow for precision control of your heater in 1-12 hour increments.
  • SAFE TO TOUCH AIR OUTLET never gets hot ensuring safety for both children and pets.
  • BUILT-IN SAFETY FEATURES such as Overheat Protection, a Tip-Over Safety Switch, and a Child Lock Mode make this heater safe in any application.
  • DIGITAL THERMOSTAT allows the heater to cycle on and off at your desired temperature.
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY fully protects your purchase giving you peace of mind that should something happen, you are covered.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO TRANSPORT thanks to built in EZ-Roll casters.
  • PROVIDES CLEAN AND GREEN BALANCED HEAT while not reducing Oxygen or Humidity in the air or emitting any harmful fumes or Carbon Monoxide.
  • OPERATES FOR JUST PENNIES A DAY while saving you up to 50% on your heating bill!
  • LIFETIME WASHABLE FILTER never needs replacing.
  • 15.94"L x 13"W x 16.73"H




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